The real Library

And why should the Library be less a disaster area than the rest of the house? The wallpaper was colonial people and horses and dogs. EEEWWWWW. And faded, stained and peeling. The curtains were tossed immediately. But it was the mahogany wainscoting that sold me on the house. That and the high ceilings.

Off came the wallpaper and on went the new. Yep. The paper, border and coordinating fabric for the chair all came from Home Depot. The chair was left by the previous tenants. It had two layers of upholstery over the original fabric (a big no-no) and the stuffing was still coming out holes and a leg was broken. So I fixed the leg, sanded and stained. Then sent it out to be reupholstered. (Okay, so I'm good...but I'm not that good.) You can seen the afghan I made on the quilt rack.

If you enter the room and look back and to your right, you see this area. On the wall are two posters from the Fabergé eggs exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Art. I got one for free and the other for $1. I framed them myself but it still cost a mint. The wallpaper I managed to get hung for free. Read an ad in the paper. Lady trying to get her interior decorator's certificate. If I lined up some guinea pigs to spend the evening playing redecorate she'd hang my paper for free. I did. She did.

Damn...I *am* good.

This room has only undergone minor changes. I've added a few pieces. A fabulous little table I bought with my Christmas money. I've moved in a tall bookcase from the sewing room. There are some more knickknacks. But after over 15 years I still love the wallpaper. After I die the new owners can go "eeeeewww" and rip it down.





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