May 23, 2002- Nov. 13, 2003
"I will always love you."

Such a sweet puppy. This is the big guy at 13 weeks, just after he recovered from parvo. Notice the shaved legs. Yes, he had all his shots, but they didn't work. Thankfully he did recover. At a price. I could have bought an AKC show dog and had change. But he is my sweet baboo and I love him.

And here he is all grown up and still my sweet little puppy. What a guy. Even though his birthday has never won the lottery for me. I still love him.

And here is Mr. Conehead. The poor guy had to endure this humiliation for 2 weeks following surgery until his stitches were out. Not seen are the baby socks he had to wear on his back feet to stop him from scratching. All better now. Caesar will tell you it's not the pills, it's the kisses that make it all better.

Always the good sport.

He made the best of any situation.

His favorite place to snooze was my spot on the bed.

Caesar passed away 6 am on Nov. 13, 2003. He spent the last 10 weeks of his life itch and pain free and in good energy. Due to my own personal illness he also spent 8 of those weeks with me at home 24/7. His illness came on suddenly and his passing came very quickly. He had cancer. He is missed very much and always will be.



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