And the newest member of the pack:



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I'm 10 weeks old, my mother is a Labrador/Terrier mix. My Daddy...*sniff* I don't know where my Daddy is. I'm not sure when my birthday is. Could be Feb. 14 or 22 or 28. My Mom picked Feb. 23, 2004. That makes me a Pisces.


My Mommy was tied to a fence post out in a field where my brothers and sisters and I were born. We all got Parvo....but 7 of us survived. They didn't think I would make it....but I did.

I just love to be loved. Pick me up and hold me. Hug me squeeze me kiss me pet me rub me love me.

As a puppy you could tell I had Labrador in me from my floppy ears and my black color. But underneath the white on my chest are polka-dot freckles.


Ooops. At 5 months looks like I'm going to have terrier ears instead. Or maybe they're German Shepherd ears? Actually I can choose. They stand up, they flop over, they lie down. They do semaphore.


Or a little of each. I suppose ears is a mood thing.

Even in his sleep ears is a mood thing. Must be happy dreams.
Ah! They've finally invented a boneless dog!

Ramses passed away Thanksgiving night a bit after midnight after spending a quiet day with me. The night before he spent the day with Candy, my parents and had a lovely, last walk.

Only two weeks before the vet gave us the bad news, that he didn't just have arthritis, but also had renal failure, a mass growing in his abdomen pushing his intestines out of alignment and had bone cancer of the pelvis. His potassium was also elevated meaning eventually he would have a heart attack. It was only a matter of weeks before one of these would kill him.

Thankfully the cancer did not break his pelvis and I was spared having to have him put to sleep. A gentleman to the end, he left on his own terms.

He died of a heart attack while being petted and reassured that he was loved and such a good dog.

Ramses was a gentleman to the end. Despite all of the medications and health problems he was never incontinent and strived to only relieve himself outside like he had always done all of his life.

Ramses was not a crotch sniffer, leg humper, trash digger, shoe chewer and did not drink out of the toilet. While he was alway cautious of other dogs and people, the last few years of his life he had mellowed out and was less stressed and much more welcoming of attention and affection from others. He had as good a life as a dog could wish for. While he didn't die with the most toys, I'm sure he was close to "winning."

He was fourteen years and nine months old or approximately 90 years old in people years when he died.

PISCES (February 20 - March 20)

...... Sign of The Fish
...... Ruling Planet - Neptune
...... Most Desirable Qualities - Mystical, Gentle, Kind
...... Talent - Extrasensory preception
...... Physical Characteristics - Athletic, Lean
....... Lucky Day - Thursday
....... Most Harmonious Signs - Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo

You know all - You see all - you are mystical and possess the ability to sense the unknown! Your ball should be a "crystal ball".

You are highly sensitive to others and will shrink away from an "apparently" friendly person because you "know" something is not right. Your howling may indicate your awareness of pending peril or evildoers. And when you appear to bark "at nothing" those around you should be on guard.

When you sense good, you are gentle and unassuming and love being scratched around your ears and tummy. Strong relationships develop when an aura is appealing.

You communicate with your eyes and that far away look that you have is often a prelude to something you sense that others need to be aware of.

All of these senses combine to make you an unusually sensitive soul and a harsh word can literally make you sick and you will crawl away in silent misery.

Your sleep is a dreamland of wanderings and when awakened suddenly you are often disoriented and not sure where your head is and where your tail is. This coincides with the Sign of the Fish for one of the two fish is facing one way while the other is in the opposite direction. This may leaving you feeling like you are coming and going at the same time!

The results of this disorientation may make you accident prone, so be careful, and those around you need to be both understanding and supportive of your nature.

You are the ultimate "beach dog" and would breath water rather than air if you could. Neptune's influence makes you an Olympic swimmer and you would win the "Gold" for diving if only they would only hold Doggy Olympics.

Last year was filled with pending events that you could sense. This year will be less eventful and may include additions to the family. If the additions are yours, you will pamper and adore your pups and will be able to sense their every need. In any event, this year will be "special" and "rewarding"!. .

Your lucky is number is 4 and your favorite colors are gray or white.

You will always enjoy good health and affection. You are instinctive, determined and well balanced. Loving and generally well liked by all your friends and family. Your home is very dear to you. Your secret self reveals a tendency to become bored easily and if there is not quick reward you are apt to abandon your plans or look for better adventure else where. A love of harmony and a need for peace and quiet are your strengths. Your chances of finding happiness and a loving relationship are increased with those born in February, March, April and July. Wonderful surprises are on your horizon.


Check your dog's horoscope HERE.


Well, It turns out my birth mother was NOT a Labrador/Terrier and I have no Labrador blood in me. No German Shepherd either. Mommy did a DNA test on me and I scored:

20-35% Afghan Hound

20-35% Boston Terrier

10-20% Scottish Terrier

10-20% Keeshond

10% or less Weimaraner

10% or less Chihuahua

10% or less Dalmation

That explains the ears and the little polka dots on my chest under my white fur.

But it doesn't explain my love of water or my webbed toes.

Introducing "BEG OR BITE", Halloween Trick or Treating for dogs. Better make sure to buy a few biscuits next year when you pick up those bags of candy.



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