The Bedroom

and decorating scheme is rather eclectic. I was doing mis-match before it became popular.

What can I say? It was a box. Albeit a big box. Roughly 14 feet square. There was a transom window up on the left and two double hungs on the right....looking out on the fence separating my yard from the apartment building on the north. But the hardwood floors are oak and in excellent condition since this room was added on in 1949.

Here we are. While yellow is not my most favorite color, I washed the walls with it to warm up the room, which was quite cold after I painted it the same stark white as the rest of the house. I took the yellows and blues from the quilt and decorated the room with it.

The door back out to the hallway is on the right and the closet door is on the left. I had originally wanted to stencil an enlargement of the basket design from the quilt in each panel of the doors. I may still do that. This room does not have the same picture moulding around the ceiling as the rest of the house so I will need to add that.

I did have some baseboard moulding custom milled for this room so it would have the same wide baseboards as the rest of the house. And when I installed it I also put in a telephone jack for an extension. Man I hate crawling under the house!

Well, come work has been done on the Bedroom. While this is the first room to be painted and sorta decorated, now that the Living Room and Dining Room have come together it was time to do some work with this room. I painted the ceiling the same lavendar blue as the linens and added white picture moulding around the top to match the rest of the house. I'm really loving it now. But.....time to work on furniture and accessories.

Looking west, the brass bed is gone. Sold on eBay for about 90% of what I originally paid for it. Not bad after 20 years use. Now I have a vintage Deco era bed from an Italian Villa. It was an odd size,which probably accounts for the bargain price I paid, but you'd never know. It was time to buy a new mattress so I figured if I was going to get a new bed, now was the time. I've gone from a California King to an Olympic Queen but I can still use all of my linens. Found this fabulous bed on eBay. With shipping? Around $1000! What a steal!


Looking north, I now have a vintage waterfall cedar chest. eBay. And on the right is a vintage dental cabinet from the '20's. eBay.


Looking east most of the pieces are still here but rearranged. I've added a vintage dental cabinet in the corner. I'll eventually put lighting and mirrors in the display areas. Then it will really pop. Where do you find such a great piece in San Diego? You don't. It was from eBay.

Looking south I've added a vintage hall armoire. It hides the hamper and vacuum cleaner. Yep, eBay again.

And coming around towards the east again is the window. I did keep my dresser and two end tables although I may have to replace one of the end tables. Pulaski used warped wood in one drawer and I've already had it fixed twice. The drawer doesn't slide well anymore either. But....we'll see. The woods in the bed really set off the other wood furniture in the room.






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