See how nice he sits? Not anymore. He injured his cruxius ligament and now has arthritis. Then again, he's getting to be ten years old.

He likes to sleep


He sleeps a lot.

He doesn't like to be disturbed.

He still thinks his profile is the best. I think it's more like ADHD.

See? Left Profile. And he loves the attention of all the visitors that have been showing up lately.

Poor Goliath doesn't do well with change. He's been housebound every day for two weeks. Every time he takes a poop the yard is different. First no grass. Now all these bricks. He really is clueless. Wait until the yard is done.

Goliath liked the new yard but he didn't like the new puppy. He retired to my parents' house when he became increasingly aggressive toward the new puppy. He developed several obsessive-compulsive behaviors, lost his appetite and displayed several other symptoms of deteriorating health. He lived sixth months in "retirement" until he went to join Caesar. He will be missed.





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