The Back Yard

Sorry, no before pic. The back yard had a lot of sun. This is the 8 foot fence that I built right on the property line next to the alley in the back. There used to be a four foot chain link fence. Now I have some privacy. I built this little garden structure with brick-in-sand patio as a quiet place. To the left as you're sitting on the bench there is a fountain. It's the lion on the corner post. There's a tube that runs up the post and water comes out his mouth into the urn below. Bought the pump at Home Depot and drove out to Flynn Springs concrete for the urn and lion. Total cost of fountain? About $60.

I made sure the new landscaping didn't touch this part of the yard. I moved the bench and put in a hammock. It's my favorite part of the yard. The dogs like it too.

The Landscaping Begins

Looking west through the gate Looking east from the alley toward the house Looking between the house and garage
Looking west from gate entrance Looking east from alley towards the finished patios My own Greek temple between the house and garage.

  The old concrete steps and pipe railing are HISTORY! Wait until the fountain gets tiled with stained glass!
    Ha! Finally done. And it's stunning. I did the pattern and installation but Tami cut the glass.





Sewing Room
Photovoltaic Panels      
Tankless Water Heater      

Mary's Place

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