The New Driveway

Awful cracked driveway. Worn down to the aggregate. What do you expect after almost 60 years?
And you can see where the "fault" is running through my property. Every earthquake and the crack through the garage slab gets a little bigger. Solution? A driveway that can support my car driving over it but is flexible enough not to crack after every earthquake. After waiting 20 years there is finally something that meets my needs.

Its Drivable Grass from Soil Retention. (Also available at Home Depot in Lemon Grove, Clairemont and Sports Arena. You people out of around.). It's been seeded with dicondra. If I should manage to get it to grow, I'll post pictures when it's green. Otherwise....I'll try planting plugs of something from a flat. Then grass, then just give up. It's nice and pretty. I could always put sand or decomposed granite between and it will still look nice. But I'm going to try to grow something green, just to help the environment a little.

Next, I'll be installing a "doorbell" for the garage. The bell push button will be right were the bougainvilla used to be, between the gate and the garage door. Right above that big blue pot. Come next January I'll be getting an apple tree "column" from Bill Tall at City Farmer's Nursery. Until then, there's miniature roses and geraniums in the pot. The "bell" is really an old school fire alarm. The neighbors are gonna love it. I may go out and ring it every time they "share" their Ranchero music with me. And when I wash my car much less runoff. Not only does it look nice, but my visitors can parallel park there and the ring the bell to be let in.



Lovely Crack. Worn to aggregate. Uplifted walkway. Big bougainvilla. No more bougainvilla.
7 bags of bougainvilla mulch in the Prius. Plus some firewood for Daddy.
bougainvilla dirt
No more bougainvilla. Mom and Dad were a BIG help with this. No more driveway.
dog no more driveway
Stupidvisor keeping an eye on everything. Stupidvisor surveying the carnage.
12 13
Nick and Duane skreeding the base. Duane laying a block.
14 15
Nick laying a block. Most of the field done.
done finish
Completed driveway. Decorative pots placed and planted.
before after
Before looking south After looking south.
Before looking north. After looking north.

The driveway was replaced by Duane Cruz, owner of Winter, Spring, Summer &Fall landscape construction and building maintenance. ph: (619) 726-7388.

You can contact Duane direct or through That's how I found him.


As you can see, the dicondra is growing in nicely. It's been a year. But you have to remember, I've been growing this from seed. There is a spot in the middle next to the alley that has sunk and will need to be lifted and supported by more sand. But all in all, it's looking very nice.

Now if only the neighbor's dog will stop peeing on it and leaving dead brown spots.



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